Losing My Virginity

I can’t sleep. It’s a mixture of excitement and pain keeping me awake. Alex and I had sex for the first time eight hours ago. It was my first time.

As strange as it sounds, Alex wanted to wait one week after the wedding to make sure we had made the right decision to get married. I didn’t want to wait. Weird. The girl pressuring the guy for sex. It made sense. Sort of. Alex claimed sex would change everything and cloud our ability to make rational decisions. At first I took it personally. He didn’t find me attractive. After a while I realized he was just trying to make sure I was not having regrets.

The scene was perfect. Dinner by candlelight. Slow dancing in the living room. Alex carrying me to the bedroom where more candles waited with rose petals on the bed and floor. Alex was not in a rush; there was an ample amount of kissing, touching, and cuddling before the big event. I’ve read several sites that recommend “girl on top” for the first time. So we tried it.

Did it hurt? Yes. Not as much as when I broke my arm several years ago but definitely enough to bring tears. Did I bleed? Yes. But not the first time. We had sex again two hours later with Alex on top, and it hurt too and there was more blood. I woke up about an hour ago still hurting a little and unable to fall back asleep.

So there you have it. No more virginity. Did I enjoy it? Overall I would say yes. Did I have an orgasm either time? No. Maybe it was the pain or the nervousness of the situation. Alex, an expert by now on the subject, was even nervous.

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