Guilt Mail

I checked the mail and my new credit card and debit cards arrived with my MARRIED name on them! It’s funny how a little piece of plastic can generate so much guilt.

I have a small savings and checking account from before Alex and I married. Not a lot of money in either. The total of both came to about $300. This is the main reason I did not start grad school in the fall. My hours were reduced, and my entire paycheck went to rent, food, insurance, etc. I didn’t want another student loan; I was faced with paying my undergrad loan off.

Then Alex and I married. My original belief was that I would help pay a portion of the shared bills plus my student loan. That would still leave me without any money for grad school. Alex had other ideas.

Any money from my paycheck still goes in my checking account. But after the honeymoon Alex added me to his checking account and American Express. Then he insisted I register for classes. We’re going to pay for this semester, and hopefully I can get a teaching assistantship beginning in the fall. I guess there isn’t a “we’re paying” – Alex is paying. So here I am feeling guilty that I’m not helping out enough. Maybe I’m making something out of nothing; Alex doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. Alex thinks since we’re married everything belongs to both of us.

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