Married to a Stranger

I married a man based on his online ad. We exchanged a total of four emails (this is a brief synopsis):

Me to Alex: I saw your ad looking for a wife. I accept your offer and can meet you in the morning at 9. Is that okay?

Alex to Me: I can definitely meet on that day and time. Is there anything else you would like to know about me before then?

Me to Alex: No. Your post was very thorough. Is there anything you’d like to know about me?

Alex to Me: If we are meeting in the morning, we can share information over breakfast. See you then.

So what kind of person goes and marries a man she has never met? A man who is divorced and has a daughter a year older than she?

My relationships have been less than successful and have been based on things unsubstantial. So when I saw Alex’s very lengthy post and read what sounded like a man spilling his very soul, it touched a chord in my heart. He knew not only what he was looking for in a wife but what he had to offer her. There was no sense of concealing unpleasant facts – everything was there. The good and the bad.

To say I’m everything he was looking for would be a lie. He wanted someone who enjoys backpacking; I’ve never been camping. I want to do more stuff outdoors.  Here was someone who could help me. I know I need to exercise more. Alex goes to the gym three times a week. I need to eat better. His fridge is filled with fruits and vegetables; the only unhealthy thing in his pantry is a box of dark chocolate.

He said he liked short women; I’m below average on height. He likes women who wear feminine clothes; I’m not really picky about my clothes and don’t mind letting him pick them out. I don’t wear a lot of makeup. It’s not because I’m against it; I’m just too lazy to put any effort into it. But I wouldn’t mind trying. He likes intelligent women. My grades say that I’m either smart or really good at taking tests. Only time will tell.

Neither of us want children. He has a grown daughter. I’m not excited about the prospect of bringing children into the world. I don’t do well with young kids. Adoption would be okay though. Maybe if they were five or older.

When we met for the first time Alex was everything I expected. He was exactly like his post. I’m not sure I was what he was expecting though. He gave the impression that he was having second thoughts. So I spilled everything. My whole life. My dreams. My fears. My goals. My expectations. I’m not sure if it was what I said or how I said it, but in the end Alex shocked me. Slipping from the booth across from me, he knelt beside me and asked me to marry him. Once I was able to speak and say “yes” it earned an applause from the other patrons.

The honeymoon consisted of a couple of hours at his house packing, an hour at my apartment packing, and then a road trip to the mountains to find a cabin and figure out if we had just made the biggest mistake of our lives.

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