Nine Weeks, Six Pounds

Alex and I had a doctor appointment this morning. I’ve gained six pounds overall since May. I’ve always been short – about 5’1″. And sort of waifish. At the end of May I weighed 113 pounds. Today I weighed 119 pounds. We go to hear the heartbeat which was exciting! It is hard to imagine that there is a new life in their! In eleven more weeks we get to have an ultrasound!

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A New Adventure

It is amazing how much life can change in the blink of an eye. It has been eight months now since Alex and I married. I’ve become an avid backpacker. I’m in my third semester of grad school (if you count the summer). We’ve moved to an apartment closer to campus. Alex has started grad school. His daughter has moved in with us.

Oh yeah. Did I mention I was pregnant? Did I mention Alex’s daughter is pregnant?

Chaos does not begin to describe life right now.

Everything started back in May. Between classes and teaching, Alex and I were having a hard time finding time to be together. The problem was the drive time to campus. The solution was simple, at least in Alex’s mind. Sell the house and move. So we did. We decided to rent a two bedroom apartment near campus. A lot *nicer* apartment than the one I had as a starving student. We even have a garage. I didn’t know apartments had garages!

Then we went backpacking for three weeks along the Appalachian Trail once classes were finished. I signed up for a research class that did not actually have a classroom time; an independent study type deal. The next problem came when I realized I forgot my birth control pills. Since I just finished my period a week earlier and have not skipped before, I did not think it was a big deal. Wrong!

Before we learned I was pregnant and after our trip, Alex’s daughter came home for the summer. To stay. Univited. She and her boyfriend had a fight. Over the fact that she was pregnant. Apparently he wanted her to have an abortion. She wanted to get married and have the baby. Unemployed and no where to go, we offered to let her stay. And here she is. Still. She does have a job, a part-time job.

So here we are. One big, happy, dysfunctional family.

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Grocery Day

Today is another first. Alex and I are going grocery shopping together! Alex is a little over organized in my opinion. He makes a menu out for three weeks, makes a shopping list, and then sorts it by store and location in the store. Plus he likes to cook so the things on the menu are not frozen pizzas or the frozen entrees. He has promised to make me homemade vegetable soup, homemade beef stew, and homemade chili! My cooking skills are limited to microwaveable items and spaghetti.

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Sex Part 2

Alex and I have had sex every day now. We had sex this morning. I have to admit – I love sex. More specifically I love sex with Alex. It hurt some on Wednesday, and I had a little bleeding. After that it has not hurt; quite the opposite. This morning there were a couple of spots on the sheets that looked like blood.

What was special about this morning was we tried oral sex. Alex tried oral sex on me actually. The thought of it was disgusting at first, but I conceded to let him try. At first it was uncomfortable because I thought it was gross. That soon vanished. It was amazing! I told him he was free to do it anytime he wanted!

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I will be teaching “College Algebra” on Monday and Wednesday nights. It turns out that my offer to teach was made less out of desperation and more from the recommendations from my undergrad professors. So I was handed a textbook, a syllabus, and well wishes for my success. Monday is my first class, and I’m terrified! I’ve spent most of the morning going through the first few chapters of the book. At least I have the flexibility of making my own tests and homework.

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No more WoW

I cancelled my World of Warcraft account. Goodbye forever! With grad school, teaching, and marriage, I don’t know when I’d have time to play. It feels like breaking up with a long-time lover. I’ve spent the last five years playing it…

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First day of grad school

The first day of class went great. I have a morning class and a night class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Alex has decided to return back to school with me but only take one class. The Tuesday and Thursday night class. I have a morning class on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I have to meet tomorrow to find out my teaching schedule! It turns out a student dropped out at the last moment, and I was asked if I wanted the spot. Free tuition! Both of my classes were small – six people counting myself.

I can’t post much. I already have a Matlab program to work on and a few differential equation problems.

\frac{\partial U}{\partial t} = p \frac{\partial^2 U}{\partial x^2}


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